Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's a New Year!

Happy 2010 to Everyone!

First, I would like to give a big thank you to all of you for choosing Cypress. We really love to create our books and you make that possible for us!
We are also excited about what is to come at Cypress this year. Here's just a few of the great things happening at Cypress:

New Imprinting Selection
New Cypress Sample Kit
New Boutique Matted Album
Cypress Folders in Three Colors
The Folio Suite
The Cypress Learning Series
(classes at Cypress)

Lastly, we have a special offer for all of our current photographers......

Create Your Own Wedding Album
Many, many photographers do not have an album for their own wedding. I hear this all the time from photographers. So, now is the time!We want you to have a great album! Cypress is making a special offer, so that you can finally make your own album.

**Beginning February 1-28, 2010, Cypress will offer a special, one-time only, 30% off your own wedding album, CypressPrinting, and complimentary shipping! Choose from The Cypress Album, The Iris Book, or The Artisan Book

This is a great opportunity to finally have your own album, so lets create it together!!
We are really excited and can't wait for you to get your own album!

**This special Cypress offer is only good for the month of February, 2010. We must receive completed orders by Feb. 28, 2010, sorry no exceptions.
This offer is only for your own wedding(current photographers only) and cannot be used for any client or sample orders. Verification of your wedding must be sent with the order. All orders will be verified before processing and must be prepaid. The Artisan Book orders must include mounting services.

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